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94005Luhanska obl., m. Kadiivka, prosp. Lenina, 67
Actual address:94013, Luganska obl., m. Stakhanov, prosp. Lenina, 67
94018, Luganska obl., m. Stakhanov, prosp. Lenina, 67
Telephone main:(06444) 97002
Contact Phone:(06444) 97033
Fax:(06444) 97001 , ,

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

Products carriage: hopper wagons, open wagons, covered wagons, wagons, platforms, conveyors, dump wagons platform, bunker type. Also commercial production undercarriages of cars: wheelsets, axle bogies. Metal structures: columns, lattice and solid, links the towers and roof trusses, crane and brake beams, purlins, wind farms, girders, building envelope, brake beams and trusses, bins of various capacities, ladders, platforms, fences and other construction. Services: Development and coordination of design documentation for freight cars for various purposes, including various types of conveyors carrying up to 400 tons, special railway vehicles for VZT (internal transport) and spare parts for freight wagons, including load-carrying structures for conveyors, development of design documentation stage KMD working drawings for customer KM stage for construction steel (columns, girders, beams, bridge construction, etc.) Flexible work, machining parts, machining of wood and metal, machining of castings, heat treatment , work gear, Turning, work in thermal plants and electric stations on high settings and high frequency, electricity, gas welding, control of welding joints; Works with manual electrical and Pneumatic and instruments; Locksmith; Turning boring works, External Grinding work, machining of large parts, Metal machining, beads, Sandblasting surfaces grinding work; Zuboshlifuvalni work, Paint work, primer, putty, corrosion surface treatment, maintenance batteries, electroplating works; Works temperature ’associated with annealing of steel alloys and castings; Installation work; Manufacturing and testing of slings; Manufacturing pressure vessels.


  • 30.20 — Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
  • 25.29 — Manufacture of metal tanks, reservoirs and containers
  • 25.62 — Machining of metal products
  • 71.12 — Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, provision of technical advice in these areas
  • 33.17 — Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment
  • 41.20 — Construction of residential and non-residential buildings


Head:Kasinov Vitalii Ivanovych — Chairman of the Board
Number of employees:5112

Banking details

EDRPOU code:00210890

Working hours

Monday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Wednesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Friday: from 08:00 to 17:00

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Coordinates: 48.560407, 38.6487184

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