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82100Lvivska obl., m. Drohobych, vul. Boryslavska, 82
Actual address:82103, Lvivska obl., m. Drogobych, vul. Boryslavska, 82
82103, Lvivska obl., m. Drogobych, vul. Boryslavska, 82
Telephone main:(03244) 37555
Telephone bookkeeper:(03244) 37161
Contact Phone:(03244) 37172(03244) 37138
Fax:(03244) 37138

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

Products: Petrol / bitumen / corrosion inhibitors / Kerosene / Coke electrode / Mazut / paraffin solid technical / diesel fuel

About Company

”Galicia” is a refinery, the main activity of which is production and sales of petrochemical products and high quality services, the development of new, develop existing markets. This building is equipped with advanced equipment that allows us to Refine oil in accordance with the highest international standards in this niche. Social mission - to produce products, the most effective and safe way to contribute to the development of the territory, welfare of the population and improving the quality of life of factory workers. Galicia has an active policy aimed at close cooperation and satisfaction of the labor collective, its former employees and younger generation. The company adheres to the highest standards in adherence to working time and rest, occupational safety, health and legal protection, as well as protecting socio-economic interests of young people and create conditions for the development of cultural-mass and fizkulturno-improving work in the team.


  • 19.20 — Refined products
  • 46.71 — Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
  • 47.30 — Retail fuel
  • 35.11 — Power generation
  • 35.30 — Production of hot water and conditioned air


Head:Baradnyi Bohdan Stefanovych — Chairman of Board
Bookkeeper:Pudlyk Galyna Mykhajlivna
Year of foundation:1867
Number of employees:942

Banking details

EDRPOU code:00152388

Working hours

Monday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Wednesday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 17:00
Friday: from 08:00 to 16:00

Inside information

Check Date:18.09.2018

Actual address on map

Coordinates: 49.338515,23.493586

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