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Ukrainian enterprises. Ukrainian companies. Catalogue of companies of Ukraine

UA-REGION.INFO — this is especially relevant business directory online enterprises of Ukraine, as well as effective advertising to promote your own business!

How to increase sales?

For no one is hardly news that information rules the world. This theorem, which does not need to prove, because every time she is justified in trying to get the right information. Internet today is actively contributing to finding the right contacts, develop effective advertising and sales in a given area.

Our company is the first in the country began to engage in databases for commercial use, including the purposes of direct marketing. Catalogue of companies — these are the best conditions for cooperation on the Internet. It does not matter — what is your request — wholesale trade, education, agriculture, medicine, etc. — in our database you will find exactly what they seek. Or you can display information about their own company.

To date, through our website is available for free use of a database with about 60,000 corporate clients. All in all, for business directory of companies in Ukraine has more than 500,000 business units.

Business Directory of Ukraine

Is a worthy investment for a serious business and search for partners. This directory of businesses without undue doubt performs important functions of marketing. Among them:

  • Additional space for advertising;
  • Direct access to interested parties;
  • Unlimited of advertising information;
  • Wide range of exposure (through a catalog of organizations in Ukraine you have an opportunity of doing business not only in their region, but also throughout the country).

However, in an infinite amount of information is sometimes hard to «get» the right company or organization. Here also comes to the aid of guides enterprises in Ukraine on a CD from our company. Thanks to the diligent work of professionals, we now offer our prospective clients a thorough and relevant electronic catalog of Ukrainian companies «Business-Guide™. Ukrainian enterprises. Complete Database, as well as regional and industry-specific business directories.

Using the directory business, you will not sit for hours unselfishly on unknown web pages, but once you find the desired information. After all, business directory of Ukraine — a search not only by type of activity, but also on personal parameters — for the service, address and other details.

First of all — a directory of businesses need a financial directors, marketing specialists and cooperation with our clients to make it easier to navigate in solving marketing problems. In addition, we offer a wide range of online marketing and advertising.

Business directory — it is the comfort and ease of use. Thanks to the successful and proper structuring of activities, the owner can use the program independently and has no difficulty in doing so. Business Directory makes it possible to successfully edit the database, delete unwanted entries and, therefore, add new ones.

A database with information about the companies

Experience we have gained over 10 years of experience in information markets can provide the client with a professional database of any complexity. Worth noting that the directory of companies «» provides for fast processing of data and its operational report to the man, and selection of the optimal budget for each client personally.

Adjusting to current market needs, «» provides a unique service. Besides creating a common, regional and industry directories, we have been performing products to order, ie develop a database by any criteria and wishes of the client, including for use in CRM-systems.

Placing information and advertising

We offer comprehensive packages to promote your business, depending on your interests and needs. For example, effective placement of information with the package of services «Optimal » noticeable since the early days of advertising.

Our potrtal created to help develop your business!


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